One Easy Way to Stop Networking Overload


Ever go to a conference or networking event, hand out a crap-ton of business cards and return home only to find your inbox overflowing with random, “Hey buddy, nice to meet you!” emails, automatic subscriptions to their company newsletter and LinkedIn requests from folks you don’t remember meeting?

So annoying and time sucking.

You’ll spend more time having awkward phone conversations, deleting voicemails and unsubscribing from newsletters than you did having the conversation which led to your harassment, in the first place. (I’m exhausted just writing that)

There’s one tool that will help you sort out the networking crap from the gold.

Stop the networking madness:




I’m talking rich, thick cardstock, embossed, debossed, or letterpress business cards that cost you a lot more than you think you should *ever* pay for business cards.

Your company purchases your business cards for you? Good for you. Get the files from your Art Director and buy your own cards.

Throwing your own money into the networking game, you’re more likely to place a higher value on each one of your cards. The tangible dollars and cents equation is easier to do on the fly than estimating the value of your future time.

The easy way to say No to “That Guy” who wants to get you in on a ground floor opportunity selling organic, gluten-free essential oils through his new Multilevel Marketing Network? Don’t give him a business card. Make that decision now or let him suck up your time later (because he WILL suck up your time, experience tells you this is true).

Why it works:

You won’t be able to carry as many around with you (Hello! They’re thick) and knowing that you paid a pretty penny for each one will make you think twice before you throw them randomly into fishbowls and act like your 50 Cent “makin’ it rain” at the strip club.

As a bonus, your card will stand out from others and help you make a memorable impression to the folks you honestly want to have future contact with.

Go forth and network well, friends!

About the author

Sunny Hunt is the CEO/Founder of Hunt Interaction.

Sunny is not your average marketer. She combined 20+ years of digital marketing experience, and her position as a natural-born outsider to create Hunt Interaction, a high performing conversion rate optimization consultancy. Using a customer-centric focus, Sunny develops smart, achievable strategies and tactics that help her clients convert more website traffic and turn new customers into raving fans.

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