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Uncover Your Biggest Customer Growth Opportunities

The Customer Conversion Playbook delivers actionable strategies, prioritized for your business, and right-sized for your team.

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Get Smart About Your Best-Fit Customers and How to Get More of Them,

so You Can Scale Sustainably.

Customer Conversion Playbook

Growth Doesn't Stop at Acquisition

Trying random experiments, pulling different levers, and changing elements on your website, can't guarantee you’ll see a lift in your conversion rate.

And ignoring expanded value opportunities like retention and referral, won't allow you to grow the way you need to today, this month, this quarter, and this year.

Get a Well-Defined, Achievable, Growth Path With the Customer Conversion Playbook

The Customer Conversion Playbook is singularly focused on helping identify high-potential prospects and converting them into profitable customers.

This playbook will tell you, using data from your own customers, where the distinct points of value live, how to extract untapped growth opportunities, and how to expand and grow the contributions from your best, most profitable, customers.

Whether that’s moving customers from free to paid accounts or filling your sales pipeline with qualified prospects, the Customer Conversion Playbook delivers right-sized strategies and supporting tactics so your team can start executing today.

Because running on "gut feeling" has a limited effective lifespan.

The Customer Conversion Playbook provides clarity around:

Identifying your best-fit customers (ICP)
Understanding why customers buy from you and not your competitors
How to overcome prospects' objections and anxieties
How customers discover your product
How your website delivers (or doesn't)
Cultivating growth beyond the first transaction

Get a Conversion-Focused Strategic Playbook Your Team Can Actually(!) Execute Against

Customer Conversion Playbook is laser-focused on helping convert high-potential prospects into profitable customers.

Whether you need to move customers from free to paid accounts or fill your sales pipeline with qualified and eager-to-buy leads, this playbook can help you reach your customer and revenue goals faster.

The Customer Conversion Playbook is Rooted in the Customer-Led Growth™ Framework 

We follow a 3-step process to uncover your biggest, unique, growth opportunities

Gather unique customer insights

Identify who your most profitable customer is and how they behave as they consider your product.

Map strategic insights

Turn customer insights into an end-to-end customer journey map.

Uncover powerful growth drivers

The biggest growth opportunities are the core of creating a playbook your team can actually execute against.

Customer-led Growth Certified Consultant
Sunny Hunt - Conversion Optimization Consultant

Learn more about the Customer-Led Growth framework

Marketing disciplines can only deliver results if you know what's driving your customers.

Whether your recurring revenue business is Product-led, Marketing-led, Sales-led or a combination of all of the above, you can’t grow and scale if you aren’t targeting, converting, and keeping the right customers.

Customers are the core of your business. Discover and use what motivates them to say, "Yes," so you can grow.

We use a combination of Customer-Led Growth Framework + Conversion Rate Optimization experience to uncover the biggest opportunities for your customer growth.

Customer Led Growth Framework

why we do it

Enlist the Help of a Nerd-Level Customer Whisperer

That's me. I'm Sunny Hunt, the Chief Customer Nerd at Hunt Interaction

I've spent over 20 years stalking (in a very legal, non-restraining order kind of way) customers just like yours and work to uncover insights about your customers that can help unlock growth, fill sales pipelines, and reduce customer churn. 

We combine qualitative and quantitative customer data, match it to your company goals, available resources, and create easy-to-buy-from experiences.

We help our clients Build Better Customers

How the Customer Conversion Playbook Works 

The Customer Conversion Playbook takes about 6 weeks to complete:



Process client-provided information and data, key stakeholder interviews, shop your product, etc.

Week 1

Customer Insights

[internal work] Our team digs in to learn about your best customers, audience, competition, and absorb business insights.

Week 2

QuickWins Playbook Delivery

We'll deliver an actionable mini-playbook filled with conversion-boosting recommendations you and your team can start implementing immediately.

Weeks 3-5

Playbook Development

[internal work] We take the insights from your customers, build a customer journey map and develop the right-sized strategies and tactics to help you attract, convert, and keep profitable customers for your business.

Week 6

Customer Conversion Playbook Delivery

We'll present and hand-off a custom playbook filled with insights, strategies, tactics so you and your team can engage your current customers and capture the biggest possible growth opportunities.

Customer Conversion Playbook - Deliverables

(All the guides, data, insights, and checklists that are yours to keep)

QuickWins Playbook

Customer Conversion Playbook QuickWins
Jumpstart your wins. 

Get a prioritized checklist of conversion-boosting items to tackle while we develop your larger Customer Conversion Playbook.

QuickWins are immediately actionable and designed to quickly move you closer to your revenue goals.

Customer Insights Repository

Customer Insight Repository
Qualitative data, quantified.

The repository includes raw and finished customer research and insights unique to your business.

We use the research to craft a Jobs to be Done (JTBD) statement highlighting why your customers choose or hire your product to solve the specific problem that drove them to look for a solution like yours.

Messaging & Positioning Guide

Customer Conversion Playbook Messaging Guide
Attract and hold prospects' attention.

The messaging and positioning recommendations aim to help differentiate your product from your actual and perceived competitors and attract the attention of profitable customers.

The guide also includes voice of customer data that can increase the stickiness of messaging for your best-fit customers when used in customer-facing copy.

Customer Journey (CX) Map

Customer Journey Map Example
Utilize persuasive touchpoints.

The customer journey/experience map deconstructs where your customers experience specific and meaningful value points throughout their journey.

The map highlights how you can utilize and enhance these measurable points of success to attract and convert more customers.

Customer Conversion Playbook

Customer Conversion Playbook example
The ultimate customer growth cheat code.

The Customer Conversion Playbook combines all the research, insights, and assets we've created over the research and development period.

The playbook delivers a step-by-step guide to understanding, connecting with, and expanding long-term value for your existing customers while positioning your product in the most attractive way for prospective customers.

Customer Conversion Playbook Investment/Cost

Adjust and solidify your positioning, identify and prioritize meaningful growth levers, and get insight into features and products your customers want most. 

Ideal for companies who experience periods of stalled growth, higher churn, low trial to paid conversion rates, high burn rates, and who have aggressive growth goals. 

  • Ideal for established companies with 100+ customers
  • Starts at $20k* (USD)
  • 6 week timeline/sprint
  • Ongoing strategy and implementation support available

* GTM/early-stage company support available at a reduced investment.

Customer Conversion Playbook a Bit Too Much?

If you're looking for just a piece of what the Customer Conversion Playbook offers we can deliver a few of the early-stage deliverables by themselves as a finished product. 

These include:

  • Customer Insights 
  • Customer Insights + Messaging & Positioning Guide
  • Customer Insights + Messaging & Positioning Guide + Home Page Copy


If Converting Better Quality Customers Was Easy,

Your Team Would Have Already Crushed Your Customer Goals.

Ongoing Support is Available

You and your team shouldn't have to go it alone

Advisory Support

“Done with you” support extending beyond the original project

Onboarding and Activation

Onboarding and activation strategy and implementation help - all about that PLG life.

Content Strategy

Right-sized, prioritized strategic recommendations and tactical CRO advice

Conversion Copywriting 

Take your messaging guide from directional to implemented. Web copy, sales pages, onboarding emails, it's all up for grabs. 

Sunny Hunt - Certified Customer-Led Growth Consultant

Not Quite Ready for the Customer Conversion Playbook?

Start with a Website Conversion Review

Website Conversion Reviews are ideal for smaller startups and micro-businesses who need to boost their conversion rates fast and who aren't ready for the financial or time commitment required of the Customer Conversion Playbook. 

The Website Conversion Review is designed to uncover easy-to-implement opportunities buried in your website and is complete in about 5 business days.

Customer Conversion Playbook Most Common Questions

We already have customer research, can you just use what we have?

Whenever possible, we’ll incorporate the research you’ve previously performed, but there are specific customer insights that we need to complete the Customer Conversion Playbook. 

We’re looking for particular data points that companies usually don’t collect, or they may have gathered these qualitative insights, but the research was conducted over a year ago, and your business and customers have probably changed a bit since then.

Bad data in, bad recommendations out. We prefer to use the best, freshest data possible and that usually means that we have to gather at least some new customer research.

Can we get all of this faster than in 6 weeks? We need to implement now.

If you need a Customer Conversion Playbook faster than 6 weeks, we *might* be able to compress the timeline (depending on our current client obligations), but there is a rush fee involved.

We just need a piece of the playbook (research or customer journey map), we don’t need the extra stuff. Can you break the playbook apart?

The Customer Conversion Playbook is designed as a consolidated deliverable. Every individual piece depends the others to provide a complete Customer Journey Map and growth strategies and tactics specific to your business.

That said, we can deliver the early-stage deliverables by themselves as a finished product. These include:

  • Customer Insights  
  • Customer Insights + Messaging & Positioning Guide 
  • Customer Insights + Messaging & Positioning Guide + Home Page Copy.

But, anyone who tells you they can generate a Customer Journey Map without researching your customers' unique needs and behavior doesn't have your company's best interests at heart or is copy/pasting from a different client. We don't work like this and you deserve bespoke insights and recommendations from a consultant.

How do we know we’ll be able to implement what you recommend? We’ve worked with advisors and consultants before, and their plans aren’t achievable for us.

We hear you. A PowerPoint that gathers dust on your server does you no good. And consultants who create playbooks way above what you and your team can tackle aren't listening to you.

During our client onboarding process, we carefully identify your current and near future-state capabilities and provide you with achievable (but assertive) growth strategies and tactics. If your team is at capacity and can't take on any additional projects, we can also refer qualified freelancers to help supplement your teams capacity.

We don’t have many (or any) customers yet, will the Customer Conversion Playbook work for us?

Yep. The Customer Conversion Playbook is designed to help brand new, barely launched, and established service-selling companies.

As long as you have a product/service to sell and an anticipated customer set, we can uncover insights about prospective customers to help you position your company in the best possible light.

How much does the Customer Conversion Playbook cost?

The Customer Conversion Playbook investment starts at $20,000* for established companies and the final investment is primarily determined on your company stage and customer sophistication. 

*GTM/early-stage company support is available at a reduced rate.

Your Product Could be Better Than Sliced Cheese, 

...but features aren't enough to convince prospects they should become customers.

Win in a crowded market by understanding your ideal customers, convincing them that your product is the solution they can't live without, and providing them with an easy-to-love customer experience.