Energetic, customer-centric Marketing Speaker: 

Sunny Hunt is a high-value marketing speaker and keynote presenter.

Sunny uses simplified explanations to demystify complex customer-centric marketing concepts such as:

  • Customer-Led Growth
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Buyer Intelligence
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Startup Growth Marketing 

After 20 years of marketing experience, Sunny is bringing her knowledge and experience to virtual groups and in-person conferences!

Sunny Hunt - Hunt Interaction

About Sunny Hunt

Sunny Hunt Customer Conversion Optimization

Sunny Hunt, the founder of Hunt Interaction, has spent over 15 years designing, building, and optimizing online experiences that delight and convert customers. Working primarily with SaaS and professional services companies, she’s known for centering and advocating for the needs of customers in every conversation.

Sunny works diligently to solve the customer puzzle. She approaches customer growth challenges strategically - leveraging customer insights to qualify customer value and measurements within the organization and then crafting easy-to-love experiences that convert customers and reduce churn. In short, she knows what it takes to get customers to open their wallets.

Sunny founded Hunt Interaction in 2012 because she saw a need for experienced and ethical marketing consultants who can create workable, real-world strategies based on a realistic marketing budget, and then roll up their sleeves to implement what they recommend.

She works with her clients to attract, convert, and keep profitable customers.
A natural-born outsider, Sunny was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah but now resides (and votes) in Austin, Texas. She survived the dot-com boom without relocating to Silicon Valley, has remodeled houses since she was 16, and is a notorious killer of orchids.

Sunny Speaks About the Following Topics:

Sunny Hunt Speaking on Stage DRCI

How To Attract, Convert, and Keep Profitable Customers

Uncovering Easy-to-Implement Growth Opportunities 

Voice of Customer Programs/Buyer Intelligence

Creating Easy-to-Love Customer Experiences

Non-Nonsense Ways to Boost Website Conversion Rates

what audience members & Organizers are saying


Betsy Muse, CEO RocketFuel Strategy

It isn’t often you find an expert speaker who delivers one full hour of actionable tips and that’s exactly what Sunny Hunt delivered.

No fluff. Just a polished, professional, conversational delivery with a clear direction. What more could we ask for?

Sunny had a virtual room full of growth-mode entrepreneurs taking notes and getting excited about applying what we learned to our own websites. And, she took questions until there weren’t any left.

Betsy Muse

/ CEO Rocketfuel Strategy


Dr. Mimi Zhou

Sunny broke ideas down into easy-to-action steps and I left with strategies to make my own work as a copywriter THAT much better.

Sunny comes with great energy (think...sunny!) and packs tons of value into a surprisingly short amount of time.

Dr. Mimi Zhou

/ Conversion Copywriter


Michael Antonicelli

Bring in Sunny as guest speaker and you'll have a guaranteed win.

She’s well-prepared, funny, and best of all, insightful. Whether the topic is scrappy research gathering to value-driven conversion optimization techniques, I've always walked away a better copywriter, marketer, and business owner than I was before.

In short, Sunny crushes it!

Michael Antonicelli

/ CEO Superfantastik

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  • Vaccinated + boosted (2022)
  • Central Time Zone (Austin, Texas)
  • Requested 4-week lead time

Technical Setup

  • Blue Yeti X Mic
  • Key Light Air (2)
  • HD Camera
  • Gigabit internet connection


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