Hunt Interaction Ethical Standards

Our Commitment to Clients & Community

Do Good Work for a Fair Price

Demonstrate value to clients with every project, every month.

Every professional relationship is an equitable exchange of payment for services (equity, trade, and performance are not equitable agreements).

Clients "Get Smarter"

We don’t gate keep information.

We share information with clients about their customers, competitors, and business.

Keep Client Secrets, Secret

We honor and respect NDAs and keep client trade and business secrets secure.

Keep Learning

We strive to stay informed and up-to-date on marketing technologies, channels, and any industry trends recommended to clients.

No Deceptive Marketing or Reporting

Bait and switch tactics, illegal requests, and products with no demonstrable value are outside of the scope of work with Hunt Interaction.

Reports and data will be accurate with available data and never manipulated.

Illicitly obtained data will never knowingly be used or accepted.

Generative AI Isn't a Substitute for Work Product

AI tools are just that, tools.

The only acceptable use for generative AI tools is during early brainstorming and will never include client-specific references or data as inputs. The outputs from these tools will be excluded from any final draft or finished work product.
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