Hunt Interaction AI Principles

Guiding principles that define our approach to working with AI tools and technology.

updated 8/7/2023

We are human-first

We believe humans must be at the center of this next technological revolution, enforcing ethical use, pushing for legislation, and demanding inclusion, and removing as much bias as possible from training data and outputs. 

Our recommendations center around enhancing and utilizing existing teams and staff. We will call out impacts and opportunities to enhance the working experience of your existing team and will advocate for internal workforce shifts and reskilling vs. elimination, leaning on data and business cases to reinforce our recommendations.

We lead with outcomes, not with the allure of AI

We focus on the results and value AI can bring to the business vs. the novelty of the tool.

We are tool agnostic

We’re constantly examining, evaluating, and testing new generative AI products.

Any existing relationships or compensation by tool-based companies or platforms will be disclosed to clients.

Risk of AI

We recognize the significant risks associated with AI tools including bias in training data, privacy issues, and possible misuse by dark actors.

Whenever possible, we highlight the risks associated with using AI tools with clients and community and surface key considerations before utilizing tools and models.