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How to Work Together

Work with growth-focused consultants who can help you meet your customer growth goals, faster.

Website Conversion Audit

A custom conversion optimization audit highlighting quick-fix opportunities for your website to support reaching your goals faster.

This is a great fixed-cost, fixed scope starter project.

Delivered in about 5 business days

Website Conversion Review

Customer Conversion Playbook

Growth doesn't stop at the first customer transaction.

Get the ultimate customer growth cheat code - an actionable custom growth plan, prioritized for your business, and right-sized for your team.

Advisory Sprints

Get the advice and the access you need to work smarter, not harder, and grow a profitable base of customers, one quarter at a time.

Advisory Sprints

Not sure what you need?

Custom-built Consulting Engagements

When you don't know what you need or where to start.

Get a customized customer growth plan to help you reach your goals.

Sunny Hunt

Actionable solutions.

"I hired Sunny to create a conversion strategy for a new company website. She helped us not only understand our customers beyond data points, but to get inside their heads and know what messages, channels, and visuals led them to make the decision to invest. Sunny provides actionable solutions for improving conversion rates, targeted messaging, and overall website UX. I look forward to working with Sunny again in the future!"

Cindy Mallette

Cindy Mallette

Upside Avenue


Sustainable & scalable strategy.

"We chose to utilize Sunny's vast experience to completely overhaul our funnel. Sunny took a strategic approach utilizing the voice of the customer and ensuring the page copy and layout were set up to be sustainable and scalable. We're in a niche industry and Sunny was completely able to understand the pain points our customers experience and then translate our value prop into terms prospects find valuable.

I can't say enough about Sunny's ability for strategic thinking, versatility across industries, and just the VERY actionable advice she gives."

Heather Vercillo

Heather Vercillo


A Few Client Results


Conversion Rate Increase

Upside Avenue


"Sunny was able to discover pain points our investors (customers) had and pinpoint why our leads weren't converting. Using that information with her understanding of the customer journey, we now have a website optimized for conversion."


Repeat Bookings



"Sunny does the research, asks the right questions, gets great insight and information from customers, and translates it into strategies and tactics that convert the right kind of customers. She helped us get TaskEasy off the ground and was instrumental in helping us win our first, critical customers."


SQL Conversion Rate Increase

Boart Longyear


"With so many competing messages online, capturing our customers’ attention on the web was a challenge. This is where we relied on Hunt Interaction to jump in as an integral part of our marketing team."

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Your customers are the key to sustainable business growth. We leverage qualified customer insights and turn them into practical customer growth strategies and tactics.

You should have access to a meaningful, achievable plan for customer growth, even if:

  • Your customers are hard to reach
  • You have limited internal resources
  • You are already working with a full-service agency or freelancers
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