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  • No selly-selling you stuff you don’t want or need

Free Marketing Fridays - Replays

Free Marketing Fridays - Create Better Customer Personas

build Better Customer Personas

Coming Soon - 7/9/2021

Customer personas are a foundational element of your entire marketing department. They help you and your team get smarter, faster about your ideal customer and how to connect with them using a compelling and persuasive sales argument. Learn the dos and don'ts of creating strong customer personas.

Free Marketing Friday - How to Write a Kick-Ass Value Proposition

How to Write a Kick-Ass Value Proposition


Value propositions help customers decide whether they want to spend their time and money with you. A strong value proposition is the easiest way to make a sales argument without having a sales team in the room. Walk through three different value proposition frameworks you can take and make your own.

Accelerate Your Marketing Know-How

Conversion boosting tips

It feels impossible to keep up with all the shiny new objects, tools, and channels in marketing. It’s hard to know where to start.

Here’s a sad truth - there’s literally NO WAY for one person to be an expert in every marketing discipline.

And Free Marketing Fridays isn’t a “push-button get expert” in all things marketing but it will get you smarter about key marketing disciplines and concepts.

So you can become a more empathetic marketer, manager, or contributor and make decisions faster.

Stay on top of fast-moving marketing concepts.

Sunny Hunt Conversion Optimization

Taught by people who get paid to practice exactly what they’re teaching you.


  • Trying to learn from someone who’s brand new to their discipline
  • Joining a digital community you’ll never visit
  • Wasting an hour (or more) in a webinar, and trying to weed out the selling from the learning

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