Implement AI Tools & Technology the Smart Way

Launch AI tool pilots, advisory council creation, and prepare for organization-wide adoption. 

Smart, Strategic Approach to Implementing Generative AI Tools in Your Business.

The adoption of AI tools requires a thoughtful and right-sized approach that directly supports your business goals.

Implementing generative AI for the sake of implementing generative AI without a plan, approval, or custom-fit approach, can erode team trust, create legal or regulatory issues, and quickly derail business growth.

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Get a Well-Defined, Custom Approach for Adopting AI Tools and Tech in Your Business

Adopting AI tools and technology is not a one-size fits all approach.

Even a pilot-program around AI tool adoption demands a nuanced strategy that directly aligns with your unique business goals and objectives, supported directly by your team.

AI will quickly become an integral tool for business growth and increased productivity and should be approached with the same care and consideration as other investments in your stack.

Our AI Advisory services focus on:

Identifying key opportunities for future adoption.
Uncovering and helping resolve internal resistance/friction by key stakeholders.
Helping build an internal AI Council or Center of Excellence to guide policy and adoption protocols
Building a prioritized business use case for AI tool selection, including TCO and first year ROI.
Scoping a pilot project for identified AI tools.
Supporting the creation of organizational guiding principles and policies for responsible AI usage and adoption.


The Adoption of AI Tools and Technology is Happening at a Frightening Pace.

It’s Time to Prepare Your Team and Business


AI Advisory Service Process

The foundational process we use for every engagement.

AI Prescriptive Assessment

We start every engagement with an assessment of your organization to help identify the following:

  • Opportunities for adoption, including pressing business needs, and current organizational support.
  • Sources of internal resistance/friction using key stakeholder interviews and including legal and compliance officers.
  • Reviewing current marketing operations including tech stack, processes, and team availability/capacity.

Ultimately, we quickly deliver a prioritized list of items needed internally to accelerate the identification and acceleration of AI tools adoption and regular usage as well as recommendations for the next steps and building a specific tool set or adding to your existing stack.

This is definitely in the "slow down to speed up" mindset of tool adoption.

Tool Identification & Pilot Program

The second phase of our engagement focuses on team readiness and developing a pilot program. AI tool adoption isn't something you can brute force into an organization, getting your team's eager buy-in will be a critical part of a successful pilot program and adoption into the business.

  • We work with your executive sponsor and other key stakeholders to support the creation of an organizational guiding principles and policies for responsible AI usage and adoption.
  • Help you build an internal cross-functional AI Council or Center of Excellence
  • Develop a prioritized business use case that guides tool selection and creates success KPI's for any pilot program.
  • Scope a pilot program for the AI Council to implement.
  • Sources of internal resistance/friction using key stakeholder interviews and including legal and compliance officers.
  • Reviewing current marketing operations including tech stack, processes, and team availability/capacity.

We serve as facilitators, collaborators, coordinators, and as an objective contributor providing insight, challenging preconceived notions and helping you prepare for the next biggest technological wave.

AI Advisory Services Investment & Timeline

Every engagement is structured a little differently based on the specific needs of the organization.

The estimated rate starts at $25k and takes about 6 weeks to complete.

(Actual costs and timelines depend on the final agreed-to scope).

* GTM/early-stage company support available at a reduced investment.

Curious About Our Approach to Using and Implementing AI Tools?

Check out our AI guiding principles.

Updated regularly or whenever we discover new information and modify our approach.

Ongoing Support is Available

You and your team shouldn't have to go it alone

Advisory Support

“Done with you” support extending beyond the original project

Onboarding and Activation

Onboarding and activation strategy and implementation help - all about that PLG life.

Content Strategy

Right-sized, prioritized strategic recommendations and tactical CRO advice

Customer-Focused Marketing Strategy

Based on your goals and centered around available team capacity, we create achievable marketing strategies and plans that help accelerate company growth.

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I've spent over 20 years stalking (in a very legal, non-restraining order kind of way) customers just like yours and work to uncover insights about your customers that can help unlock growth, fill sales pipelines, and reduce customer churn. 

We combine qualitative and quantitative customer data, match it to your company goals, available resources, and create easy-to-buy-from experiences.

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AI Advisory Services Most Common Questions


There are a handful of companies (to date) that have successfully implemented AI tools or who have build internal AI Councils and hired AI-dedicated marketing managers. This is a fast-moving industry and there are new approaches and considerations that pop up every single week.

We're in a highly regulated industry and can't use ai tools - why do we need these services?

Real talk? Because your employees are already using and tinkering with tools in their free time - without guidelines and without education. This creates a significant business risk as data privacy, copyright issues, and other legal issues come into play.

Highly regulated industries should be the first to establish guidelines and watch how the tools change and evolve so they're ready to implement and adopt when the tools satisfy compliance guidelines.

what are the industry best practices for AI tool adoption?

The AI tool industry is new and RAPIDLY evolving. The best practices for implementing tools in a mid-market or enterprise-level company are the same for most medium to large implementation projects (with additional legal oversight and tool capability review). AI tool adoption is just moving 10x faster than any project your company has ever undertaken.

Why should we hire a consultant for these advisory services?

Because your team needs the objective perspective an outside consultant brings, someone who is politically neutral and focused on providing a dedicated service-based deliverable.

You also need the extra set of hands and dedicated brain space a consultant brings, especially someone with enough experience in launching new technology products internally and who has been around enough to recognize pitfalls and avoid them.

Your Competitors are Already Working on an Implementation Plan

...but without a smart path forward, focused on business goals, their odds of success are questionable.

Win in a crowded market by getting the productivity gains you know AI tools are capable of delivering by taking a measured, focused approach to finding and adopting the right-fit tools your team needs to succeed.