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Step up Your Customer Growth Game

Quit shuffling the deck chairs and make measurable customer growth gains

If you're frustrated by lackluster customer growth even though you've tried:

  • Adding new sales pages
  • Running more A/B tests
  • Experimenting with new social channels
  • Stealing ideas from your competitors

You can get the insight you need to get prospects to commit to becoming profitable, long-term customers.

Working with a growth marketing consultant who uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative customer data can help you make intentional and profitable changes to your online sales funnel.

Stop Shuffling the Marketing Deck Chairs
Amanda Nielsen

Amanda Nielsen

Marketing Comms. Boart Longyear


"Sunny helped us get clear on how to use our budget efficiently and helped us increase our conversion rate by over 220%. Sunny offers suggestions to help us continue to optimize our budget and she gives us data-driven insights about our customers, two things that we haven't received from any other marketing partner."

Take advantage of the website traffic you currently have and optimize the marketing you’re already running.

Get smart about maximizing the customer opportunities and traction you already have.

Customer Growth Process

Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder

...and start executing customer-focused growth strategies with confidence

Your customers are the key to unlocking meaningful growth strategies. We leverage qualified customer insights to quantify customer value and transform those insights into actionable customer growth strategies and tactics.

You should have access to meaningful, instructive customer insights, even if:

  • Your customers are hard to reach
  • You have customer survey data
  • You don't have any customers at all!
Our customer growth strategy process
Customer Insights

Gather and sort qualitative customer data, creating the foundation for actionable insights.

Qualify and Quantify

Establish customer value using the Jobs-to-be-done framework to identify customer needs.


Turn insights into growth strategies and tactics that are right-sized for your team.


Uncover and prioritize the BIGGEST growth drivers for your product and company.

Sunny Hunt Customer Conversion Optimization

Chief Customer Officer
Hunt Interaction

Customer Obsession Can Be a Good Thing

I've spent my 20-year career (legally) stalking customers just like yours.

Hunt Interaction improves conversion rates, reduces churn, and improve customer lifetime value for our clients by combining qualitative and quantitative data about your customers, matching it to your company goals, available resources, and creating easy-to-buy experiences.

Unlike most consultants, we craft the strategy, support it with data, and, in most cases, can implement our recommendations.

Our clients find and attract the right kind of customers and know how to get them to open their wallets and purses.

We're HUGE customer nerds.

Cindy Mallette

Cindy Maelette

Marketing Manager, Upside Avenue


"I hired Sunny to create a conversion strategy for a new company website. She helped us not only understand our customers beyond data points, but to get inside their heads and know what messages, channels, and visuals led them to make the decision to invest. She digs deep to find what drives customers/clients to make a conversion decision.

Sunny provides actionable solutions for improving conversion rates, targeted messaging, and overall website UX. She was a pleasure to work with on our project, and I give her my full recommendation for your marketing strategy needs. I look forward to working with Sunny again in the future!"

Right-Sized Recommendations
So You Can Sustainably Scale and Implement Immediately

We provide our clients with growth strategies designed for the teams and resources they have today, not the teams their investors think they have.

How to Work Together

Work with growth-focused consultants who can help you meet your specific customer goals.


Growth doesn't stop at the first customer transaction.

Get the ultimate customer growth cheat code - an actionable custom growth plan, prioritized for your business, and right-sized for your team. 


When you don't know what you need or where to start.

We'll talk and create a custom plan of attack to boost your conversion rate and increase your revenue.


A custom conversion optimization review highlighting quick-fix conversion boosting opportunities so your website can work harder for your business.

Delivered in about 5 business days


Get the answers you need to advance your Customer-Led Marketing strategy.

Get the neutral, third-party feedback you need to get unstuck and keep moving towards your goals.

Generative AI Implementation Advisory Services

Get an objective, strategic approach to implementing generative AI tools for your business that directly supports your goals.

Implementing generative AI without a plan, approval or, custom-fit approach, can erode team trust, create legal or regulatory issues, and quickly derail business growth.

It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Your Competition Gets Smart

Your competition is working fast to grow and scale, just like you.

It's a reasonable assumption they'll try to steal your customers and market share because they hired someone like us to grow the size of their customer base and reduce churn.

Let’s chat before your opportunity cost becomes too high.