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Get smart. 20 minutes.
New Drop - 11 am CT. Every Other Friday.

  • No fluffy bullshit
  • No groan-inducing back-slapping Marketing Bros
  • No selly-selling you stuff you don’t want or need

get smarter in just 20 minutes

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Video 3 - coming 7/23/21!

A New, Actionable, Real-World Marketing Concept Every Other Week

Taught by the people who legitimately do the work.

New Drops every OTHER friday at 11am CDT

Admit It, You Waste More Than 20 Minutes a Week Scrolling TikTok

Make 20 minutes work in your favor for once

(because your future as a viral dancing influencer is looking shaky)


  • Write a Kick-Ass Value Proposition, Fast
  • Find Killer Voice of Customer Data in Unexpected Places
  • Create Delicious, Smashable, Calls-To-Action
  • How to Show Up on Video Like You're Close Enough for a Bear Hug
  • Max Your Lead Gen Efforts with Minimum Effort
  • Create a Marketing Plan You'll Actually Use
  • Engage Your Audience Before You've Launched
  • Optimize Website Forms for Max Conversions

"It isn’t often you find an expert speaker who delivers one full hour of actionable tips and that’s exactly what Sunny Hunt delivers. No fluff. Just a polished, professional, conversational delivery with a clear direction. "

Betsy Muse

CEO, RocketFuel Strategy

Betsy Muse, CEO RocketFuel Strategy

Accelerate Your Marketing Know-How

Conversion boosting tips

It feels impossible to keep up with all the shiny new objects, tools, and channels in marketing. It’s hard to know where to start.

Here’s a sad truth - there’s literally NO WAY for one person to be an expert in every marketing discipline.

And Free Marketing Fridays isn’t a “push-button get expert” in all things marketing but it will get you smarter about key marketing disciplines and concepts.

So you can become a more empathetic marketer, manager, or contributor and make decisions faster.

Stay on top of fast-moving marketing concepts.

Sunny Hunt Conversion Optimization

Taught by people who get paid to practice exactly what they’re teaching you.


  • Trying to learn from someone who’s brand new to their discipline
  • Joining a digital community you’ll never visit
  • Wasting an hour (or more) in a webinar, and trying to weed out the selling from the learning

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Free Marketing Friday Session.

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Frequently asked questions

How long are the sessions, really?

20-minute session/presentation. We'll try to stay as close to the 20 minutes as possible. 

Is it just you, Sunny? I’m not sure I like you that much.

Fair enough, I’m not everyone’s cuppa tea.

Initially and periodically, it will be just me. I will bring in other subject matter experts to talk about their areas of expertise or if they have something they really want to teach.

Their stuff will be free, too. Though they may offer downloads or other freebies.

Can I pitch myself to present?

Sure! Let me know what you want to teach and fill out the contact form and we'll chat.

Is it really free?

Uh. Yes.
Yes, it is. That’s why it's in the name.

Why is it free? It seems like you could charge for this.

Because I’m finally the "mean bossy lady" and I make the rules.

But, real talk? We all deserve to be better, smarter, faster marketers and a rising tide lifts all boats.

Can I suggest a topic?

Absolutely! Love to hear what’s on your mind.

Fill out the contact form and let me know what you want to learn.