Grow a Profitable Customer Base

Scale sustainably with practical marketing strategies designed around your goals, your capacity, and your best-fit customers.

We help you find, convert, and keep valuable customers.

There's no shortage of competitive options

How will your product stand out and convince customers it delivers what they need most?

Our Customer Growth Process

We connect customer insights to gaps in the customer journey and create actionable marketing plans that help convert profitable customers.

Identify Best-Fit Customers

The foundation for repeatable, scaleable growth is identifying your most profitable customers and translating the themes and patterns around what they value most about your product.

Simplify Customer Acquisition

Create competitive differentiation with positioning and messaging that connects with your customers and achievable marketing tactics that fill gaps in and enhance the customer journey.

Uncover Customer Value Expansion

Establish improvement loops to support ongoing customer success, build loyalty, and create positive experiences that reduce churn and encourage customers to deepen their investment.

Your Marketing Needs to Work Harder Now, More Than Ever Before.

- Outside funding is harder to get.
- Budgets are shrinking, and team capacity is stretched.
- Goals aren't getting any smaller or easier to meet.

You just need your marketing to deliver results.

Those results start with refining your prospects, getting laser-focused on your targeting, adjusting your positioning, creating messages that connect, creating easy-to-convert experiences, and uncovering growth opportunities beyond the sale.

This is where we help.

We work with companies to help them scale sustainably. We respect our clients' unique growth goals and craft achievable marketing plans, based on data from their customers, that refine and accelerate their selling process.

Differentiated value
Customer Journey Map

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We Have Best-Fit Customers (err...Clients), Too

Is this you?

Best-fit clients

  • You're not scaling at the rate you need. 
  • You've tried to fix growth issues, but decision-makers don't understand your differentiated value.
  • You're invested in long-term customer growth.
  • You're interested in understanding the "why" as much as the "how."
Sound like you?
Best-Fit Customers

You Don't Need Another Cookie Cutter Marketing Consultant

Big talk and lackluster deliverables are (sadly) the consulting standard

We're not Facebook gurus, we don't run PPC campaigns, and we're not black-hatting our way to the top of the SEO rankings.

We offer realistic marketing strategies and advisory support based on your critical business needs and focus on helping you grow a profitable customer base.

No one needs another unused, overpriced, 100-page PowerPoint hogging space on your server.

And you definitely don't need another buzzwordy, pain in the ass, name-dropping consultant, pushing multi-year retaining agreements, and ruffling your team's feathers.

We clean up after these guys
(and yeah, we're tired of their empty hustle mantras, too).

Chief Customer Nerd
Hunt Interaction


Adapts to meet the needs of the business.

"Sunny gets connection. She understands how to align the needs of the business with the interests and needs of customers. Her approach is pragmatic and results-driven and her talents fit neatly into the culture of a modern marketing organization."

Chris Ross

Chris Ross



Converts the right kinds of customers.

"Sunny has a keen mind for customers. She does the research, asks the right questions, gets great insight and information from customers, and translates it into strategies and tactics that convert the right kind of customers."

Ken Davis

Ken Davis



Stop Hacking at Your Growth

Scaling sustainably requires more than chasing trends, channels, and shifting your strategy every quarter. 

It's hard to get the objective distance from the day-to-day you need to figure out how work smarter.

Precise prospect targeting, lowering acquisition costs, and being selective about the marketing programs you invest in are the cornerstones that support meeting and beating your customer growth goals. 

Bringing in outside marketing advisory help (like us) on a short-term basis can help you get unstuck.

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